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    Dreane stones guide ( Booster)


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    Dreane stones guide ( Booster)

    Post  tritina on Wed Jan 19, 2011 8:44 am

    Okay. First things first. Get five stones because the only one worth activating is x12. Five stones will get you 1 hour of x12 exp, 3 hours of normal (cooldown) exp, and 20 hours of reduced (downtime) exp.

    While you're online, the cooldown time will start to countdown. Once cooldown time runs out, downtime time will kick in. If you log off while cool or downtime time is counting down, it will switch to counting down downtime time.

    Now for boost time...you have 10 activations per day. You can pause and activate at will through the hyper exp window. What you want to do is activate a bit before boss dies (like at 50k HP) and then pause immediately after it dies.

    NOTE: Hypers do stack with mijis, but not like you'd think. Instead of x24 exp, you'd get x13 exp. Hypers also stack with double exp events in the same way.

    Where to use it? The most obvious place is FW, but let me detail another place real quick.

    At PQ, there are two bosses. In the 60-80 range, these bosses give very good exp. If you're a sin/WR, it's very easy to take them down solo and doing so nets you 250k exp when hypered. If you can't quite take them down solo, call an EP. XD

    Onto FW...

    75+ ~ boost the big room. Boss->mobs->ghouls, in that order. Leave hypers running from before boss dies to once ghouls are cleared.
    75-90 ~ boost the two lured hallways of the frost chicks before fourth and fifth boss.
    85+ ~boost sleep boss + mobs right after it once you teleport. Leave hypers running from before boss dies to once mobs are dead.
    90+ ~ boost the dragoons before last boss.

    And always boost last boss if you do him.

    That's it.

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