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    Post  tritina on Sat Sep 04, 2010 6:55 am

    One breezy autumn evening, 2 ladies, 1 aged 70 years old and the other aged 76, were sitting on the park chatting to each other.Midway through chatting,the younger 1 took out her packet of cigarettes and so did the other. The older 1 proceeded to light her Camel filterless cigarette up,but the younger 1 dug around her handbag and took out a condom pack.She then broke the pack,rolled the condom onto the fag and then lighted the fag up and proceeded to inhale the smoke deeply.Seeing the older 1 looking oddly at her, she asked'' wat?, didnt u know condoms make ciggaretes taste better? u should try it too!'
    With this in mind , the granny went to the store the next day to buy a condom and test it on her ciggarete.Once in the store though, she was kinda lost and so the store man came around and asked her wat she wanted.''yes mdm may i help u?,Granny says '' yes.. im looking to buy a condom please..''.Looking at the granny up and down,the man asked' sure, but wat size do u want?'' And granny replies'' im not so sure about that... do u have a size that can fit a Camel?..'' lol!

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    Re: Joke~06*

    Post  Darkney on Tue Sep 07, 2010 1:17 am

    Good joke xDDD

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