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    Post  tritina on Fri Sep 03, 2010 7:19 am

    I day a young good looking man and a ostrich walked into a restaurent and sat down.the waiter came up to them and the man ordered a beer and a burger.then the waiter looked at the ostrich and the ostrich said '' ill have the same as him''.After eating the man paid in exact change and left.The next day the same pair walked in and the man ordered fish n chips and a coke.The ostrich ordered exactly that and when they were done, the man paid in exact change again and they left.
    When they walked in the 3rd day, the waiter asked the man '' hey dude , wat is it with u and ur exact change and ur pet ostrich huh?''
    To the the man replied with his head bowed down,'i was walking in the bushes 1 day and released a genie from a bottle..''waiter asks" and so? wt did u wish for?'' man says '' for the 1st wish , i asked that i always have enough money in my pocket to pay for what i wana buy..and it was granted..''. waiter asks'' but wats with ur ostrich man??'' to this the man replied'' my 2nd wish was for a leggy chick that who agrees to anything that i do...'' What a Face

    BE CAREFULL WAT U WISH FOR!! you might just get it !!

    '' For want of the mouth, the body will be destroyed''< ancient chinese proverb (unknown)

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