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    Post  tritina on Wed Aug 25, 2010 7:07 am

    Jack and Dave were the best of friends in real life.But then 1 day suddenly Dave died.Jack continued on with his life still missing his best friend. Suddenly 1 day Jack picked up his ringing phone and Jack says '' HEY JACK MY MAN!, i wish u were here coz i love it here this is the best ever place!''Jack was suprised that his dead friends soul called him from heaven and asked'' wow really? wat is actualy like up there?.To this Dave replied'' i wake up every morning at 11 to eat delicious food that floats everywhere, then i have a loong afternoon swim in ice blue crystal clear water,after that i have sex with 1 of those lovely ladies who follow me around everywhere i go followed by a long nap!Then its dinner worthy of a king then i retire to bed with another 1 of these ladies again!To this Jack replied' I had no idea heaven was that fun!I promise to do my best and get in there with u Dave!.Dave stayed silent for some time at this and then said '' who said im in heaven?..I was reborn as a beaver in Russia... What a Face

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