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    Post  tritina on Sun Aug 22, 2010 7:32 am

    1 day Stick* decided to run over to his gf's house and have dinner there.once he went over, his gf invited him in and told him to sit on the couch and watch tv whilst she had her bath and her mom prepared dinner. so he made himself comfortable on the couch next to his gf's pet dog, named Johnny.Suddenly he had the urge to fart but stuck in a situation where his future mom in law could see him,he just allowed a small amount to escape,causing a slight hissing sound.''Johnny' shouted the gf's mom.Glad that the dog ended up taking the blame,he allowed a bit more out, with a louder sound.''JOHNNNY!!'' shouted the mom again.Happy at his luck,Stick* farted as he would have in his own room at last.''JOHNNY!!!GET OUT OF THERE BEFORE HE SHITS ON U!!'' shouted his future mom in law lol!

    *** To protect the persons identity, Stick is not a real persons name. What a Face

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    Re: Joke~03*

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    cheers Miracle is Everywhere cheers

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