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    Post  tritina on Sat Aug 21, 2010 6:54 am

    1 day a man who was on a Saharan desert tour got separated from his group and was lost.So he walked until he could walk anymore and then started to crawl from the intense heat and thirst.He went on crawling aimlessly cry for water untill sudenly he saw Desert nomad walking far in front of him.Rushing up to the nomad , he shouted ''WATER! WATER GIVE ME WATER I AM DYING OF THIRST!!''But the nomad gave him a sad look and said '' i am sorry sir, but i cant give u any water,i can however sell u a tie from this special selection of ties i have.'' Cursing the nomad and his tie, the man crawls on untill 1 hour later he runs into another nomad on a camel walking the desert.Going up to him , the man screams '' NOMAD!! SAVE ME! GIVE ME SOME WATER I BEGG U!!''but the nomad gave him a undecided look and told him '' i am sorry sir,, i will not give u any of my water , but i can sell u a tie from this fantastic collection of ties thats i have!'' cursing the nomad and his mother this time, the man crawls on when sudenly he sees a huge white 5 star hotel rising out from the desert floor!Right in the middle of the desert! Thanking the gods for guiding him, he crawls weakly to the front lobby entrance and seeing the doorman there, whispers 'My good man , please carry me in and pour some water onto my lips!..''The Doorman looks at him suspiciously up and down ,looks him right in the eyes and says '' I am sorry sir, but i cant allow u in the hotel if u dont wear a tie!'' What a Face

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