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    Post  tritina on Fri Aug 20, 2010 7:21 am

    David became tired of living in a busy city and so decided to shift to rural Alaska .Once there he lived in a small hut in the middle of nowwhere far away from anbody else...So thus 1 day his closest neighbour , a balding fat hunter who lived 1.5km away from him dropped by to his house .

    Hunter: Hi man , im having a party at my house this sunday maybe u should come there.
    David : Sure, its been 4 months since i saw anyone, im ready to meet the locals here.

    Hunter: But i gotta warn u man,.. there might be some heavy drinking..
    David : Thats ok , i can hold my drink pretty well.
    Hunter: there might be some fighting too...
    David :Its fine, i can fight quite well too..
    Hunter : oh and 1 more thing.. There might be some wild sex..
    David : aww thats fine,im pretty open minded, By the way wat should i wear to the party?
    Hunter: Deosnt really matter,.. its just gona be the 2 of us there.. affraid

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