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    How To Build Your Own Character


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    How To Build Your Own Character

    Post  viva_lyin on Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:16 pm

    Perfect World build guides

    Here are some build guides for Perfect World classes I’ve gathered from different websites. There are of course tons of different build guides out there, the ones here are just a few of the more popular ones. Some of them were rather long, with detailed skill lists etc., so I’ve cut them down to the most basic information. So if you have any questions about a certain build, feel free to ask – I might have more information about it. I don’t claim to know everything though, and there are some builds I know nothing at all about.
    A good skill database can be found here: http://perso.numericable.fr/ecatomb/pw/
    It describes all the skills for all the classes and by adding or removing levels you can see how a skill changes when you upgrade it.
    And here’s a monster database: http://pw.rob-soft.com/m1my.php
    Useful when you need to find out what mobs drop what items.


    The best way to spend your skillpoints, is by putting for each level.:

    3 on str,

    1 on con,

    1 on agi

    Don’t waste skillpoints on int, as you have more use for the other stats.
    Always put enough skillpoints on agility to use swords, and enough on strength to use heavy armour. The rest of the points go to constitution. Agility will also raise your dodge and accuracy, which is vital. Even if you use other weapons than swords, that is still the best balance between stats for a warrior.
    From lvl 1-50, mobs are usually doing normal attacks, then magic attack. So you can just put 3 str and 2 agi for every level to begin with. Once you hit lvl 50+ the mobs will have very strong magic attacks, so you have to start to put 3 str 2 con every level in order to survive the magic mobs. At that time your agility is quite enough. So in conclusion, the overall stat from level 1-100 would be 3 str, 1 con, 1 agi for each level.

    For levelling the fastest way is dual axes/hammers. They do a lot of damage, have a lot of AoE skills and so on. But when it comes to attack power and PvP, then sword warriors are the best. They deal the most damage and also have nice accuracy and critical rate. Their skills are the strongest of Warrior.


    The 2 most common builds for Mages:
    Pure INT build (Nuker)
    9 int, 1 str every second level
    Pros: Highest damage dealer in all skills except Sacrificial Fire Storm. Highest magical defence.
    Cons: Glass nuker, very fragile with low HP. Needs equipment that adds HP, and HP stones.

    Hybrid Build (Common Build)
    For every second level add 8 int, 1 str , 1 con
    OR 6 int, 1 str, 3 con
    Pros: Higher HP than the nuker. Still needs some HP stones added to equipment
    Cons: A bit lower damage and magical defence when compared to the nuker.

    There are also Light and Heavy Armour builds, as well as builds that focus on constitution, but those are difficult builds and not recommended for new players. Search around for different builds though if you’re interested.

    How to manage your skills:

    In beginning levels 1 to level 19, you can actually max out all the 3 elements’ skills. But after level 19, you will find that you would not have enough skill points to max all 3 element trees’ skills at the max level, unless you keep on killing yourself to farm skill points.

    That is why most guides will recommend that you focus only on a single element tree or two element trees at the most, so that you can focus upgrading the skills to the highest possible level. The higher the skill level the more damaging the skills is. At lvl 90+ you probably have enough skillpoints to start taking the skills you ignored earlier.
    Weapons for Mages:

    Mages basically have 4 types of weapon for each 10 levels. The wand is a consistent weapon with a low gap between minimum and maximum damage, but it also has the lowest maximum damage. The staff on the other hand is the most damaging weapon, but also the most unpredictable due to its lowest minimum damage. The magic sword and the wheel are in the middle and thus popular among players.

    Elf Archer

    The builds:
    Although there are tons of different build for an archer, they are mainly classified into 3 areas – damage type, tanking type and hybrid.

    Damage Type
    Agi & str archer – pump your strength according to the minimum requirement for light armour and put the rest of the points into agility.
    Agi archer has extremely high damage hence excelling at backstabbing (PKing players who are levelling without warning). But due to their lack of HP, they are easily taken down which makes them less useful in guild fights.
    Pros: High damage, high dodge rate, high hit rate.

    Cons: Low HP

    Tank Type
    Agi & con archer – pump your strength and agility according to the minimum requirement for light armour, rest of points into constitution.
    Agi/con archers are perhaps what we can call werebeast wannabe archers, they work well against warriors, which archers generally fear the most. Though with a lack of damage, the main skills used by archers when killing warriors are thunder type skills since they deal a fixed amount of damage and aren’t affected by low damage stats.
    Pros: High HP and higher defence compared to agility archer

    Cons:Low dmg, low dodge, low hit rate

    Hybrid Type – Recommended Build
    Agi, con & str archer – pump your strength according to the minimum requirement for light armour, pump your agility according to the minimum requirement for bow/crossbow, put the rest of the points into constitution.
    By having a slightly higher constitution, hybrids survive better in guild fights. It also increases survivability when doing FB quests (Instance Dungeons), and when fighting magic type mobs. Damage doesn’t differ that much from an agility archer.
    Pros: Rather high dmg, rather high dodge, rather high hit rate, average HP pool, higher defence compared to agi archer

    Cons: Same as pros

    Weapons for Archers:
    There are 3 type of range weapon:
    Bow: has average min damage and average max damage, average attack speed and average shooting distance.
    Crossbow: has low min damage, high max damage, slow attack speed and far shooting distance.
    Slingshot: has average min damage, average max damage, fast attack speed, and short shooting distance.

    Elf Priest

    The Builds:

    Damage Type

    Int & str priest – pump your strength according to the minimum requirement for magical armour and put the rest of the points into intelligence. Leave your con and agi at 5.

    This style of priest is sort of a mimic of mage. It has extremely high nuking power. Its main weakness is HP and low defence. Hence int priest work better in a party than soloing. They’re also easy targets in PvP and need equipment that adds HP.

    Pros: High nuking power and healing power.

    Cons: Low HP

    Tank Type
    Con, int & str priest – pump your strength and intelligence according to the minimum requirement for magical armour, put the rest of the points into constitution, leave your agility at 5.
    This type of priest has the highest tanking power but at the same time has the lowest nuking/healing power. But the tanking capability is only limited to magical attacks since the physical defence is still extremely low.
    Pros: High HP and higher physical def

    Cons: Low nuking power and healing power

    Hybrid Type – Recommended Build

    Int, con & str priest – pump your strength according to the minimum requirement for magical armour, pump your intelligence according to the minimum requirement for magical weapon, put the rest of the points into constitution. Leave your agility at 5.

    This build grants the priest about 30 to 40% more HP than an int priest. But it also causes the priest to lose about 20% nuking/healing power. However, in guild fights or PvP it’s more important to survive as long as possible and aid in the combat, than to have high nuking and healing power.
    Pros and cons: Average in everything


    Builds for Werebeast:
    As the werebeast is a tanker strength is the main attribute, but constitution should also be quite high, allowing HP to be at its max. The best way to distribute your skill points is by putting str 2, con 2, agi 1 (for equipment requirements) every level. After level 30, you can add even more str if needed. Other builds are:
    Constitution Tanker Build:

    Constitution = as high as possible

    Strength = follow equipment requirements

    Intelligence = keep at 5

    Agility = follow equipment requirements
    Accuracy Build: (not recommended)

    Constitution = each level +1

    Strength = each level + 2

    Intelligence = keep at 5

    Agility = each level + 2
    Dual hammers are popular weapons because they do a lot of damage. Use heavy armour.

    Choose skills according to what form you prefer to be in (human or transformed or a bit of both). Tiger form skills are more defensive and most of them increase aggro from mobs. They are good when you’re tanking hard mobs. Human form skills do more damage and are useful for long grinds against average mobs, or in a party where you’re not the main tank.


    Recommended builds:
    WF mage build

    Every alternate level, add these:

    1 con, 4 int

    1 con, 1 str, 3 int
    This should give you enough str to equip your mage gear, enough con to survive longer than a glass cannon, and enough int to nuke whichever mob you want to kill.
    Equipment: Full mage gear
    Stones: Physical defence, magic attack. Or HP stones if you want more survivability

    Pet: Golem

    All mage skills, plus all support skills except melee mastery. Do not waste skill points on fox skills like Foxy Drub or HexMist attack. However if you want an edge in PVP it is recommended to max out Amplify Maim, as well as Banish Malediction.
    Pros: Fastest solo leveller in the game, until level 70+. After that, second to Elf Archers. Easiest to play.

    Cons: Very weak against physical attacks, 100% death rate against archers.

    WF Light armour build

    1 Agi, 1 Str, 3 Int

    Con leave at 5
    Thus at level 105 you should have

    Str 109

    Agi 109

    Int 317

    Con 5
    Equipment: Full light armour gear, best mage weapon you can equip.
    Stones: HP stones
    Pet: Golem or Little Froggy to solo on land. Scorpion (Original lvl 2) for PvP. Petite

    Sawfly in the air.

    ALL OF THEM. It will be impossible of course in the beginning so mage skills take priority. Around lvl 70 you should have all the main mage skills (except Blazing and Frostbolt Parasite, leave at lvl 1), Wood Mastery, all Fox skills up to Life Depriver and Amplify Maim (not all at the best lvl though), Melee Mastery.
    Pros: Good overall defence. Good dodge, helps against melee attacks. Good critical too.
    Cons: Really bad or really good for PvP, it depends on how good you are as a player. Every class can own you but you can own every class as well.
    There are also different fox builds and physical battle builds, but they are recommended for veteran players only. However if you’re interested, search for different werefox builds.

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    Re: How To Build Your Own Character

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    Re: How To Build Your Own Character

    Post  viva_lyin on Mon Aug 16, 2010 8:22 am

    djdna wrote:Good Jobs !

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    Re: How To Build Your Own Character

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    Re: How To Build Your Own Character

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